BAD LAB - 2014-2015


BAD LAB is proudly a 100% Malaysian-made brand that is man-gineered for the man who is all walk and little talk. Constantly seeking new frontiers and boldly going where no other personal care range has gone before. It was an absolute pleasure working together with the one-and-only Merdeka LHS to give BAD LAB it’s distinct and unconventional voice.
Delving into the rather “complex” psyche of the male mind, the BAD LAB website is designed to give men the simplest and fastest e-commerce experience that they could ever dream of, so that they don’t waste precious time which should be used to seize the day out there in the real world.






The focus on Facebook is to build up an army of quality BAD LAB fans. Men who have had enough of smelling like lavender or ylang-ylang and all that yuck. Men who believe in BAD LAB’s mantra and share a genuine love for the brand.
BAD LAB’s messaging is carefully crafted to speak to the testosterone-filled inner caveman that resides in all of the male species. Simply put, if you don’t get it, you’re severely lacking some testosterone.