BAIT KL - 2013


Few places come close to capturing the spell of the ocean like BAIT KL. This restaurant bar is designed so diners can enjoy culinary delights in casual sophistication. BAIT KL is a cure for all your seafood cravings. With an oyster bar, a tempting wine list & breezy interiors, it brings the beach to Bangsar!
MAYHEM was commissioned to develop the branding and interior art decor for this home away from the ocean.
Above: Logotype Design.

Bottom: BAIT KL’s Original Neon Welcome Signage – Happiness Is A Glass Away.




MAYHEM was also commissioned to develop wallpaper illustration for the outlet. We were given complete creative freedom, as long as it had a nautical theme. Set A was a tribute to the 15th Century Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain; All with a STAR WARS twist of course!
The second set was a homage to Sailor Jerry’s amazing tattoos. It also features some of the best villains of our times, across all genres. The Joker, Mojo Jojo and Oddjob to name a few. Take a closer look to see if you can name them all.


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