BloodRunner is Asia’s First Werewolf-Themed Urban Obstacle Night Race that features a theatrical element throughout the 10km route to excite and motivate the runners. The first of its kind, BloodRunner turned Putrajaya into a thrilling series of obstacles. BloodRunner is the brainchild of our vision to showcase Malaysian ingenuity and our ability to create an event of international calibre.
MAYHEM was behind the creation and building of the BloodRunner brand from the ground up:

Logo DesignBrand Identity
Brand Communications
Art Direction
Brand Website
Online Ticketing Sales
Social Media Strategy, Marketing and Management
Teaser Video Scripting and Storyboarding
Training Video Scripting, Storyboarding and Production
After-Race Video Direction
Finisher and Crew T-Shirt Designs
Medal Design
Race Pack Design
Race Route Design and Plotting
Urban Obstacle Designs

We were also responsible in obtaining and working with our awesome partners:
Evian Malaysia
Runners Unite
Petzl Malaysia
Westports Malaysia
District 13
Running Malaysia Magazine

MAYHEM was behind it all, with the exception of the event production and liason with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Perbadanan Putrajaya, Red FM, Vespa and Ultron. BloodRunner’s inaugural race took place on 31 July 31 2015 at PutraJaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



As the brand custodians for this platform, we had the creative freedom to develop the brand identity, key visuals, typography and creative communications for BloodRunner and its inaugural race. We also had a howlin’ good time working with Reservoir Films in Malaysia to produce the race promo video; Developing a short story about how the once terrifying image of werewolves have been tarnished by #TeamJacob and how these beasts are finally coming out of the shadows to reign terror once again.
Below are some screenshots of the website we developed as part of the registration process.

We also took the liberty to design the race route and the one-of-a-kind urban obstacles to create a truly unforgettable obstacle race.





Normally, obstacle race events post their obstacles online from the start to promote registrations. However, we decided to flip this “common practice” on its head and instead encouraged user engagement to earn a sneak peek at the obstacles. Obstacles were only revealed if a certain amount of Facebook shares of the BloodRunner website was achieved.

The response to this little social experiment was overwhelming. 250 unique organic Facebook shares in just 1 week; 500 in 2 weeks; 1,000 in just 5 weeks. All this without spending a single cent on brand awareness on social media advertising.

We also experimented on our social media postings. We had to prioritize our content, analysing what worked best with obstacle racers; How do we initiate registrations? Was it the werewolves that the public were interested in? Or was it the urban obstacles? Or was it simply a night race?

We knew weekends aren’t the best time to promote anything to do with fitness since this target group is going to be out doing something healthy. So we had to ensure that our audience heard from us on weekdays. Some of our strongest posts were about our obstacles (565 Likes, 508 Comments, 113 Shares) and in just 1 week, we managed to increase our organic engagement exponentially (Average Shares multiplied from 9 to 51; Average Comments increased from 20 to 158).