Future Music Festival Asia 2014 was by far our favourite adaptation to date. MAYHEM were given a lot of freedom to art direct the FMFA2014 ‘Jungle Safari’ instalment. We were commissioned by LIVESCAPE to assist in ‘Asian-fying’ the Future Music Festival brand – from the logo itself to all the key-art elements. FMFA2014 was centered around a Jungle Safari theme, so we naturally worked with a lot of East Malaysian elements (Iban shields, Neon wildlife, colourful arrows and camouflage).


  • FMFA2014-WEBSITE-01
  • FMFA2014-WEBSITE-02
  • FMFA2014-WEBSITE-03
  • FMFA2014-WEBSITE-04
  • FMFA2014-WEBSITE-05
  • FMFA2014-WEBSITE-06
For the 2014 festivities, MAYHEM customised both the Future Music Festival (FMF in Australia) and the Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) responsive WordPress (we had a very short time frame to get the both sites up, so we had no choice) themed websites.

We also decided to have some fun in extending the FMFA brand by creating some jungle-themed parody banner ads for the FMFA2014 website as seen on the left. These ads were meant to be developed as official FMFA2014 merchandise but sadly, due to budget constraints did not leave the online digital space.


  • FMFA2014-FB-01
  • FMFA2014-FB-02
  • FMFA2014-FB-03
  • FMFA2014-FB-04
  • FMFA2014-FB-05
  • FMFA2014-FB-06
  • FMFA2014-FB-07
  • FMFA2014-FB-08


Although LIVESCAPE were officially managing the FMFA2014 Facebook page, MAYHEM chipped in to do some postings every now and then – most notably our countdown to FMFA2014 posts where we we injected some ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ jungle puns and humour. The results were overwhelming, with the posts racking up over 400 organic Facebook shares in total in less than a week. Guess everyone finds stuff like that pretty a-moose-ing. *Ba-dum-tsshh*.




MAYHEM was also tasked to give an Asian flava to FMFA2013’s Mexican Day of the Dead festival theme in addition to adapting all the creatives and promo materials for the Asian market.
Below: Mexican Luchador Facebook postings #FMFAFestTips.


  • FMFA2013-FB-09
  • FMFA2013-FB-10
  • FMFA2013-FB-07
  • FMFA2013-FB-08


We also took the liberty to create a couple of ‘fan-made’ parody promo YouTube videos using a Spanish version of the Empire Strikes Back and everyone’s favourite Wookie getting down with The Prodigy.



  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-04a
  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-05a
  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-06a
  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-01a
  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-02a
  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-03a
  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-07a
  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-08a
  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-09a
  • FA_POSTCARD_SHOP_120301_1 copy 2
  • FA_POSTCARD_SHOP_120301_1 copy
  • FA_POSTCARD_SHOP_120301_1
  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-04b
  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-06b
  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-01b
  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-02b
  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-03b
  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-07b
  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-08b
  • FMFA2012-POSTCARD-09b
  • FA_POSTCARD_SHOP_120301_2 copy 2
  • FA_POSTCARD_SHOP_120301_2 copy
  • FA_POSTCARD_SHOP_120301_2


In order to welcome the international artists who performed at FMFA2012 to Malaysia and make them feel a little bit more at home, MAYHEM created a set of postcards to teach them about the wonderful tourist destinations, shops, restaurants and local delicacies that they could enjoy during their visit to Malaysia. Each postcard came with a relevant Malaysian phrase that they could learn in order to help them in communicating with the locals while some had an #FMFA_Dare to challenge them to perform a specific task whilst at these places of interest.


FMFA2012 poster and ad adaptations.