JOHNNIE WALKER - 2011-2012


Thanks to our friends down south in Singapore, AKA Asia, we had the privilege to work on Johnnie Walker – a brand that needs no introduction. Whilst having a rich and proud heritage dating back to the early 19th century, the brand has also in more recent years become synonymous with the world of Formula 1® racing. Initially partnering with McLaren-Mercedes as the team’s official sponsor, Johnnie Walker is now the proud official whiskey of Formula 1®.In keeping with the spirit of motor racing, Johnnie Walker wanted to pay tribute to the one and only Rodney Seow – the only Singaporean driver in history to ever win a Grand Prix race in 1967. To celebrate this unrivaled achievement, MAYHEM had the honour to design a commemorative trophy for Rodney – and what could be more priceless than a one-of-a-kind, custom airbrushed racing helmet that was presented to the great man himself by another living legend and present day F1® champion, Lewis Hamilton.





The Johnnie Walker Step Inside the Circuit campaign gives Formula One® racing fans an unprecedented glimpse into the glamorous world of F1®. In conjunction with the 2011 Singapore Grand Prix, Johnnie Walker gave Singaporean fans this unique and exclusive opportunity to step into the life of Jenson Button. MAYHEM was tasked to design the graphics for the event space, highlighting Jenson’s personal journey of progress from Go-Karting sensation to F1® World Champion.