It’s not JUST a game; It’s an attitude and a way of life. Yes of course it is about competing at the highest level and winning the games, but it’s also equally important how you go about it – with tons of flair, sportsmanship and teamwork. Plus you got to LOOK GOOD doing it.
Westports Malaysia Dragons (KL Dragons) is the first and only professional basketball team to represent Malaysia in the AirAsia ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) which began it’s inaugural season in 2009; Competing against teams from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.
MAYHEM has been behind the branding and online marketing of the KL Dragons since the midpoint of ABL’s inaugural season and we’ve been going all out to transform the Dragons into the pride of Malaysia on the hard court and the most ‘fearsomely’ stylish team in the league.



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Because of the fast-paced nature of sports and in particular, basketball, MAYHEM is constantly upping the game to keep the Dragons ahead – from an online presence perspective at least!
Now currently in version 5.0, MAYHEM has been giving the KL Dragons website a new look with upgrades and improvements in each of the ABL seasons since the team’s formation.






Facebook is where the magic happens online for the KL Dragons. From team news to play-by-play posts on game-days to the ever-popular video highlights; DragonFans are constantly kept up to date with content that is both highly informative and engaging.
DragonFans are truly the best in the league as seen from the amazing atmosphere in the Dragons’ home stadium on game days and the Facebook fan base, which has grown from 3,013 fans in 2009 to 45,822 fans at the end of the 2014 ABL season. All this being achieved organically with zero online media advertising spent.




KL Dragons Website, 2013


KL Dragons Website, 2012


The “Are You the Ultimate DragonFan?” Facebook Game was developed to test and reward DragonFans for their unfaltering loyalty to the Dragons – pitting them against sets of random questions about the Dragons and a clock. With loads of awesome prizes up for grabs, the game garnered a total of 17,411 user plays over a 6 week period and as an added bonus, amassed an additional 12,000 Facebook fans organically for the KL Dragons.



It has been quite a journey and evolution from when the Dragons were first formed and how the brand looked like in the early days before MAYHEM started to breathe a little more fire into it.
The Dragons have built a reputation for being one of the teams to beat in the ABL and we’d like to think that we have played a role in that through the branding and marketing of this great team.
We are very thankful to be a part of the KL Dragons family and a part of this journey for many years to come.