LIVESCAPE - 2012-2013


It’s always a pleasure to be able to work with the LIVESCAPE team. A youth-centric and experiential agency that’s constantly trying to kick up dirt right here in Malaysia. They don’t do ordinary. They always love putting on a great show. Visionaires of the only true cross-genre festival in Asia, FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL ASIA.


Right: This was the 1st LIVESCAPE rebranding (2012). LIVESCAPE wanted to portrayed they were multi-faceted. True chameleons in the experiential industry in Malaysia.

We included subtle changes to their iconic pigeon; portraying a different genre of music or show they were putting up.
Skinhead – Rock
BowTie – Corporate
Clock  – HipHop
Thomas Bangalter Helmet – Dance.



2013 : LIVESCAPE was moving at light speed; They were working closely with brands in conjunction with FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL ASIA, so muted colours were injected into the brand identity.
 2012 : Stationery collaterals



LIVESCAPE’s website is an online calendar showcasing key milestones in their ever growing event schedule. One thing about experiential agencies is that they move at a great pace and force. Before you know it, it’s 5 years in. And people can’t remember when or what their big nights out stood for. But with this user interface, you can go back and forth through their calendar; reliving their shows altogether. There’s a LIVESCAPE Radio and TV section as well highlighting the local and international artistes and acts they love and support.


ESCAPE:NYE2012 was KL’s biggest intergalactic dance & hip-hop invasion fo’ sure! MAYHEM had the privilege to work on the visual identity and the creative communications for this mass invasion. Media and key opinion leaders were given the chance to arm themselves with a cardboard build-a-raygun kit to prepare themselves.