PETRONAS - 2007-2012



Malaysia was given the honour to host the prestigious World Gas Conference (WGC) in 2012 with PETRONAS leading the way to organise the event that is considered to be the Olympics of the gas industry. In recent years, the industry has been hit by a ‘brain-drain’ with many young talents choosing alternate career paths which they believe to be more lucrative than the gas industry. So for the first time in WGC history, PETRONAS wanted this to be primarily a youth-centric event and worked very closely with MAYHEM since 2009 to debunk the myth that other industries offered more and to attract these young talents back to where they really belong.

The first step of this initiative was to set up a web portal that appealed to the younger generations. With gas being a topic that is rather dry and technical to the average person, MAYHEM proposed to take it back to the grassroots level and get kids and to rediscover the wonders of science itself. With that, was born. A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) portal for kids and young adults alike; It was a mixture of original content and carefully curated STEM topics that was designed to make science fun, magical, cool and above all, relevant. The ‘Real Heroes’ section in particular gave insight to real engineers’ lives within and outside of their jobs to highlight the fact that having a science career is so much more than one could ever imagine.



Multiple ad banners to promote were created to drive awareness of this portal and to avoid creative fatigue over the campaign period. Ad placement was also very important to hit the right target groups and overall, the ads proved to be a real success – with an average Clickthrough Rate of 0.81% (well above the average market performance of 0.02%).



The ‘Gas, Camera, Action!’ photo competition sponsored by GasTerra was held to educate the general public about gas as an energy source and made use of the online photo platforms of Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. The response was overwhelming with close to 500 submissions with the works of 30 finalists being exhibited during the WGC event in Kuala Lumpur.An online essay competition targeted to young adults and engineering students was also held to identify potential talent and to hopefully nurture them into the future leaders of the gas industry. Again, the response was overwhelming with more than 100 participants worldwide who had to go through a grueling essay and video submission round and teleconference interview with a panel of judges. From all these participants, PETRONAS selected 10 winners and rewarded them the opportunity of a lifetime – an all expenses paid trip to the WGC 2012 in Kuala Lumpur to represent the global youth in a roundtable discussion with industry leaders from all the major gas companies.


Back in 2007, the PETRONAS Research & Technology (R&T) Division was tasked to shake things up within the PETRONAS corporation. A study was carried out and it was found that a majority of employees were conscious only of the tasks that involved their own job scopes and were largely unaware of the many other ventures that PETRONAS was involved in.

MAYHEM worked closely together with the R&T Division to develop an intranet portal to enlighten the PETRONAS workforce and educate them that PETRONAS is much more than just oil and gas. The portal was designed with an ‘Environment’ feature where the imagery changed with respect to time and was loaded with many interactive elements to enhance the content and increase engagement levels. This gave employees a new perspective on PETRONAS’ vision of the future; Of powering the Earth through new sustainable and ‘green’ energies.


To compliment the R&T Division portal, MAYHEM also developed a printed monthly newsletter aptly named Future Fast Forward that was distributed internally to keep the workforce abreast of the latest happenings throughout the company.