2006 - 2015

MAYHEM is a creative union of Art Directors, Designers,
Illustrators and Engineers based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
We started this journey together in hope that Design can make the world a better place.

10 Years Of  Imagination…
We’re still learning what it means to be creative.
There’s just so much more to learn, to take apart, to destroy…and to create.

Our love for Design keeps us together;
Focusing on Visual Identity, Graphic Communications and Typography
We’d like to think that our work has some sort of intelligence, originality and aggregates to substance.

We try to draw inspiration from everything around us.
Craft drives us forward helping us to understand people more.
It is a great honor to be recognised by the organisations, family and friends
that we’ve had the pleasure of working with since this journey began.
Thank you for the years that have come and gone, and here’s to many more.

MAYHEM – Destroy & Build